Stunning Aerial Photography, Video and more.

Stunning Aerial Photography, Video and more.

Stunning Aerial Photography, Video and more.Stunning Aerial Photography, Video and more.Stunning Aerial Photography, Video and more.

Providing new perspectives from all angles!

About Us


Our Equipment & Services

We can provide high quality Aerial Photography (21 MP) and stunning UHD Video footage up to 5.2k resolution with our current range of equipment. We have a small fleet of highly capable UAS/Drones suitable for a variety of applications and locations, and can also provide ground based stabilized footage up to 4k resolution as part of our services.

 Based in North East Scotland, we cover the whole of the country and can travel further afield if required. 

Skyline Aerial Solutions currently offers aerial photography, video and  combination aerial & ground based video solutions for a variety of purposes such as; Advertising and Promotional material, Event coverage, Real Estate Video & Photography, TV and Weddings to name a few. We can also work with other Aerial Imaging providers when the need for extra personnel arises, and are certified to work offshore. 


Our People

Skyline AS's owner and primary Drone/Camera operator is Robbie Lauder, who started the company in mid 2017. Robbie has had a passion for Aerial Photography and Videography ever since taking to the skies with his first DJI Phantom 4 Drone in 2016. Robbie completed the required training to obtain CAA permission for commercial ops in mid 2017, and has since been working on building the company's capabilities and further developing his skills through flying his and the company's Drones. He has also been improving his Photography, Videography and Editing skills through online training courses and is continually working on improving the level of services provided to our clients.

Skyline AS also has working relationships with several other Drone Pilots and Aerial Imaging providers, so can provide multiple pilots for larger operations should this be required. 


Why Us?

At Skyline AS we love what we do!

We are trained to the current UK UAS/UAV/Drone standards and have hold a Permission for Commercial Operations (PfCO) granted by the Civil Aviation Authority. We are fully insured to a value of 1m GBP, (which can be increased if necessary).

With an extensive background in the Oil & Gas industry, we have experience of working to the highest Safety standards. We take that experience and knowledge over to our aerial operations with thorough planning, in-depth risk assessments and safety checks performed on all our operations. 

Our pilots hold offshore certification so we can work on vessels, platforms and rigs as well as on land.

Skyline Aerial Solutions is a member of ARPAS-UK (Association of Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems) and are listed as a member operator on the ARPAS-UK website.

CAA Ref No: 20180823



A mixture of Aerial Video gathered from our travels in 2018/2019.  

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Have a question about the drone photography and video services we provide? Please feel free to get in touch, and send us some details on your project. We will be happy to get back to you and to discuss things in more detail and supply a free no obligation quote and further information.

Skyline Aerial Solutions Ltd

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